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I have struggled so much in life because of the idea that you cannot be Gay and be a Christian. I have been judged, fired, disowned, attempted suicide multiple times, battled addictions, lost businesses, broken relationships, and all because I listened to the world. I listened to others instead of listening to God. I have feared what others have thought of me, feared judgement, so much that I had become this non-producing, depressed, hollow soul.

February 3, 2019

I saved money AND I learned from an expert. Free training to accellerate my business

This past week I worked side-by-side with the electrician I hired for a remodel I’m doing. Normally I would just hire my experts and let them do their thing, but this past week I decided to work hand-in-hand with him and side-by-side. I not only gained an enormous amount of electrical skills, but I also saved money because I was able to put in my time to help. I must start doing this with all the other professional trades that I hire for my design and construction business.

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