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I have struggled so much in life because of the idea that you cannot be Gay and be a Christian. I have been judged, fired, disowned, attempted suicide multiple times, battled addictions, lost businesses, broken relationships, and all because I listened to the world. I listened to others instead of listening to God. I have feared what others have thought of me, feared judgement, so much that I had become this non-producing, depressed, hollow soul.

January 9, 2019

Gay or Straight, we ALL need to love and be loved. Don’t be afraid to ask for love

Let go of your ego and pride. Stop trying to face your problems in life alone. Take care of those who support and love you, and cherish those relationships. Be there for them just as they are for you. Those people are few and far between in life, so be for them what they are for you. Let down your guard and let others bless you. Sometimes their blessing you is a blessing to them as well, and they are honored that you came to them and opened up.

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